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Spring Security and Multiple Filter Chains

Spring Security is an immensely useful technology. It allows you to secure your application without being too intrusive and allows to plug with many different authentication mechanisms. On the other hand it is not that easy to get into and one of those tools that I have to relearn each time I am touching it. In this post I'll describe some of the basics of spring security and how you can use it to secure different parts of your application in different ways.

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Traffic Light Visualizations for Kibana

Kibana 5.3 shipped with an interesting feature that had been anticipated for quite a while. It provides the ability to display the latest value for a certain field using the Top Hit Aggregation. I'll show how to use the Top Hit Aggregation to create two different visualizations.

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I came to Karlsruhe for my studies, started working at synyx and stayed here after switching to working as an independent developer and consultant. For years I helped running the local Java User Group, I am one of the founders of the Search Meetup Karlsruhe and most of my clients are from the area as well. Though my wife and myself liked it here we decided it's time for a change: We'll be relocating to Singapore for at least a year.

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Java Clients for Elasticsearch Transcript

This is a transcript of a talk I gave at the Singapore Java User Group on November 9 2016. It can also be seen as an updated version of an article with the same name I published in 2014 on the Found blog.

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Book Review: Relevant Search

Relevancy, the notion that some results are better than others is one of the key factors that distinguishes search engines from most other databases. Additionaly it is a task that can sometimes seem like magic and is difficult to get right. Applications like Google have set the bar for how a search engine is expected to work. The relevant results should all be on the top positions. As the saying goes, if you want to make sure a secret stays a secret put it on page 3 of a Google search result page.

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