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Making Your Daily Standups More Effective

For a long time I couldn’t really put my finger on what bothered me with how standup meetings are often being run in Scrum like processes. Now that I realized how focusing on the work you should be doing can make them more effective I never want to go back to experiencing them differently.

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1-1s For New Managers

When starting out as a manager one of the obvious changes is that you need to pay even more attention to people. One of the core activities to get to know and connect with your reports will be 1-1 meetings. While you will most likely have experienced them already as an individual contributor being on the other end of the table is a bit different. In this post I’ll describe some of my experiences while starting out as a new manager.

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Application Integration with Apache Camel

Apache Camel is a very useful tool when it comes to integrating different systems and technologies. In this post I will introduce some of its concepts and show how you can test and run your application using Spring Boot.

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Indonesian Language in Lucene, Solr and Elasticsearch

Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia, is a very approachable language for westerners. It uses latin characters, there's a clear structure, no tenses, no gender or plural forms and it contains many foreign words (as a German I especially enjoy the dutch influenced terms like knalpot for exhaust pipe). If you're growing up outside of Asia Indonesia might be a quite distant country for you which you don't hear a lot about. But because the country is so big there are actually quite a lot of people speaking the language, making it, together with its sibling Bahasa Melayu, one of the most common languages on earth. And if that is not enough, once you visit Indonesia you will see that the people are very positive minded and happy. Maybe another reason to be interested in the language.

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Book Review – Mastering Docker

Packtpub has not the best reputation when it comes to the quality of books and that is for a reason. But there are some really good books as well, I learned Solr using Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server, got more familiar with Spring Boot through Learning Spring Boot and learned some things while reading Hibernate Search by Example and Grade Effective Implementation Guide. That's why I'm trying their books from time to time again, this time when wanting to read a book on Docker, so I got me Mastering Docker by Russ McKendrick during their recent 5$ sale.

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