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Book Review – Mastering Docker

Packtpub has not the best reputation when it comes to the quality of books and that is for a reason. But there are some really good books as well, I learned Solr using Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server, got more familiar with Spring Boot through Learning Spring Boot and learned some things while reading Hibernate Search by Example and Grade Effective Implementation Guide. That's why I'm trying their books from time to time again, this time when wanting to read a book on Docker, so I got me Mastering Docker by Russ McKendrick during their recent 5$ sale.

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Messaging with RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is a robust message broker that can be used to implement different messaging patterns. Even though there is an exellent tutorial available (using different languages and frameworks) it can be a bit difficult to get into the concepts. In this post I want to show some different paradigms that can be implemented with RabbitMQ and why I struggled with some of the concepts.

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Book Review – Working Effectively with Legacy Code

I am feeling a bit embarrassed that I read Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers only recently. It has been recommended so many times to me and it's the top mentioned book on Stackoverflow but somehow I also expected that it doesn't contain any new revelations for me – which is far from reality.

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Service Testing with Docker Containers

During the recent months I've been helping a company improving their automated testing practices. Besides doing coaching on TDD I also had the chance to work on a project consisting of multiple services where I was able to introduce some service tests using Docker. It's the first time I've used Docker on a project for real and I was quite happy how useful it can be for doing service tests in a distributed environment. In this post I will describe a few of the things I did and learnt along the way.

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Book Review - NoSQL Distilled

Like many others I have a tendency of buying more books than I can read. NoSQL Distilled by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler is one of those books I got lying around for quite some time. I don't regret at all having it picked up now.

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