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Messaging with RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is a robust message broker that can be used to implement different messaging patterns. Even though there is an exellent tutorial available (using different languages and frameworks) it can be a bit difficult to get into the concepts. In this post I want to show some different paradigms that can be implemented with RabbitMQ and why I struggled with some of the concepts.

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Book Review – Working Effectively with Legacy Code

I am feeling a bit embarrassed that I read Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers only recently. It has been recommended so many times to me and it's the top mentioned book on Stackoverflow but somehow I also expected that it doesn't contain any new revelations for me – which is far from reality.

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Service Testing with Docker Containers

During the recent months I've been helping a company improving their automated testing practices. Besides doing coaching on TDD I also had the chance to work on a project consisting of multiple services where I was able to introduce some service tests using Docker. It's the first time I've used Docker on a project for real and I was quite happy how useful it can be for doing service tests in a distributed environment. In this post I will describe a few of the things I did and learnt along the way.

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Book Review - NoSQL Distilled

Like many others I have a tendency of buying more books than I can read. NoSQL Distilled by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler is one of those books I got lying around for quite some time. I don't regret at all having it picked up now.

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Learning to Build Clojure Webapps

A while ago I gave a talk at an internal event at Zenika Singapore. We were free to choose a topic so I chose something I thought I didn't know enough about - what it feels like to build a web app in Clojure. This post is a transcript of the talk. I'll go into some details on Clojure, which libraries you can use to build web apps and how all of that felt to me.

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