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Book Review - NoSQL Distilled

Like many others I have a tendency of buying more books than I can read. NoSQL Distilled by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler is one of those books I got lying around for quite some time. I don't regret at all having it picked up now.

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Learning to Build Clojure Webapps

A while ago I gave a talk at an internal event at Zenika Singapore. We were free to choose a topic so I chose something I thought I didn't know enough about - what it feels like to build a web app in Clojure. This post is a transcript of the talk. I'll go into some details on Clojure, which libraries you can use to build web apps and how all of that felt to me.

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Centralized Logging Night Class

This week my colleague Joanna and I were running a night class on centralized logging at the elastic meetup Singapore for the first time. We had lots of help of the organizer Alberto who also managed to get a room at his employer Pivotal Labs. Pizza was sponsored by my employer Zenika.

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Elasticsearch and the Languages of Singapore

In June I gave a short talk at the first edition of Voxxed Days Singapore on using Elasticsearch to search the different languages of Singapore. This is a transcript of the talk, a video recording is available as well. We'll first look at some details of the data storage in elasticsearch before we see how it can be used to search the four official languages of Singapore.

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Spring Security and Multiple Filter Chains

Spring Security is an immensely useful technology. It allows you to secure your application without being too intrusive and allows to plug with many different authentication mechanisms. On the other hand it is not that easy to get into and one of those tools that I have to relearn each time I am touching it. In this post I'll describe some of the basics of spring security and how you can use it to secure different parts of your application in different ways.

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