Not another Diamond Operator Introduction

I just returned from the talk "Lucky Seven" of our local Java User Group. It was far better than I expected. Not that I expected Wolfgang Weigend to be a bad speaker but though I organized the event I got the feeling that I had seen one too many Java 7 introductions already. But there was more ...

One of the interesting aspects that I haven't been paying that much attention to is the merge of the JRockit and Hotspot VM. Hotspot will be the base of the new development and JRockit features will be merged in. Some of these features will already be available in OpenJDK during the JDK 7 timespan.

One of the changes got some amount of interest lately: The PermGen space will be removed. Sounds like a major change but, once it works, it will definitively be a huge benefit.

JRockit has been highly respected for its monitoring features. Among those is the interesting Java Flight Recorder that reminds me of the commercial project Chronon. It will be an always on recording of data in the JVM that can be used for diagnostic purposes. Sounds really interesting!

The overall goal of the convergence is to have a VM that can tune itself. Looking forward to it!

The (mixed german and english) slides of the talk are available for download.