Podcasts for developers

As I'm walking to the office every day I've incorporated the habit of listening to podcasts on my way. I'd like to list some of them which might be of interest to other developers.

The Javaposse

An almost legendary Java podcast. Interesting development news are discussed in short and sometimes in length.


Scott Hanselman is a .Net developer who also likes to see beyond his own nose. There are a lot of topics he discusses that are also relevant and interesting if you're not into Microsoft.

FLOSS Weekly

A sometimes weekly show where different people from the open source universe are interviewed. I only listen to some episodes that attract my attention but it's always enoyable.


The two hosts rant about everything Linux and open source. It's always a lot of fun but the episodes tend to get quite long for a weekly show.


Mainly an interview podcast on everything software development. A lot of high class guests have been featured so far.


Covers web development topics using different server side technologies, from ASP to Grails.

Improving Podcasts

A company podcast with some development episodes and a lot of agile topics. I get the feeling that it's slowly dying as only few new episodes are produced.


The discontinued podcast of Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. A lot of episodes are still worth listening to.

German Podcasts

Es gibt natürlich auch interessante deutsche Podcasts.


Manche Episoden sind ziemlich interessant und unterhaltsam, ich habe mich jedoch auch schon über manche Inhalte geärgert. Hängt glaube ich ein bisschen an den jeweiligen Hosts, ob es ein für mich interessantes Thema wird oder nicht.

Chaosradio Express

Der Interview-Podcast des Chaos Computer Clubs. Es dreht sich nicht alles um IT, wer beispielsweise wissen will, wie das Universum aufgebaut ist oder einen Einblick in das Leben in der ehemaligen DDR haben will ist hier auch genau richtig.